Gboard is a thumbsaver

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Gboard image search
Easily find and send images through Google image search – without leaving your text conversation.

While it may not be a lifesaver (even that remains to be seen), the Gboard iOS app from Google sure does make my thumbs happy.

Gboard is a mobile keyboard and (in my opinion) an improved user experience over the traditional iOS keyboard. Without opening a separate app or window during a text conversation- I can easily search Google for pages, images and even animated GIFs. Rather than hunting and pecking for emojis- I can type the a word, like “love” into the text field and Gboard will serve up a heart icon in the predictor. If I type “awesome”, the “100” emoji shows up as an alternate icon for the word. This feature works well for holiday and birthday keywords as well!

Sharing information is a breeze

Gboard search function
Search and send directions via Google’s Gboard search function without needlessly opening and closing other apps.

Gboard makes it easy to send map and directions too. Let’s say a friend texts and wants to grab a beer with me this evening. I suggest an eatery that neither of us have visited yet in an unfamiliar part of town. I can search for the restaurant’s menu, directions and hours- and send them over to my friend without ever leaving the text conversation window.

Glide typing isn’t new, but still handy

I’ve had mixed experiences with glide typing in the past. My “glide” pathway often becomes a tangled mess of criss-crossing lines and lack of accurate text prediction produces horribly unintended outcomes.

It makes sense that Google would integrate this feature into the app, although I personally default to the “hunt and peck” method of typing by nature. It would take some personal discipline to stick with the glide typing, so I can’t say whether this is an equal or improved version over other keyboard apps with a similar function.

It’s not just for texting

Once installed on your iOS device, Gboard works in any app- including email and other text-based applications.

Download the Gboard app for iOS at the iTunes app store

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